Artist Statement

My love of ceramic history influences the pots I make, so I strive to encompass many ceramic techniques from around the world. I use the sgrafitto carving technique which was developed in the eastern Mediterranean in the 4th century.  The images on their pots represented aspects of their everyday experiences.  This idea of using scenes and icons from daily life has always been an integral part of my work.  I use an English porcelain clay and to complete my pots I fire them in a salt kiln, a firing method developed in Germany in the 16th century.  I am also influenced by Asian, English, Islamic and French pottery from different periods.  I strive to encompass many ceramic traditions from around the world and from different parts of history in the pots I make.  Using the reductive sgrafitto carving method enables me to add movement to the images on the surface of my pots.  To further amplify this notion of lively animation I use the salt glaze firing method to activate the surface of my pots.  This firing style promotes subtle color variations in the clay and applied glazes while also glazing the  carved areas of my pots.  The fire completes my process making each piece distinctive.