I began making pots while studying at Louisiana State University.  That elective class turned out to be my new career and obsession.  After graduating in 1992, I attended Penland School of Crafts in Western North Carolina for two years as a Core Student-a work-study scholarship.  It was during this time that I decided to become a full time studio potter.  Penland was a great place to expand my ceramic education and learn about the business of craft giving me the confidence to strike out on my own.  I was exposed to many instructors with many ideas that influenced my pots.  I find that my pots are influenced by many sources: Japanese pots for the simplicity in utility, French pots for their ornate qualities and elaborate scenes, finials and handles, English pots for their sense of humor balanced with formality.

After completing the Penland program, I moved to Saluda, North Carolina where I begin my pottery business in 1996.  In 2003 I moved the pottery to Asheville, North Carolina where I continue to make pots.